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Your Vibrant


Unwavering Confidence, Grace and Vibrancy

Unwavering Confidence, Grace and Vibrancy

Sian Flanagan is a Leading Professional Speaker,

#1 Best-Selling Author/Poet and Transformation Coach of The Vibrant Living Way Method

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Hi I'm Sian!

It is my personal mission to help people ignite their authentic power at lightning speed so they can confidently express their highest self in their life, body and business with grace, joy and fulfillment throughout their journey.

As a former semi professional athlete and now Vibrant Performance Coach and Poet, I have encountered many challenges along the way to vibrant living and authentic confidence in my life, body and business that almost stopped me from taking action to live my dreams. I went from struggling with depression, anxiety and self-doubt early on- hitting rock bottom more than three times. It was challenging to rise but grace was one of the guiding lights to foundational strength that helped me rise like a phoenix.

What I have discovered is you don't have to have all the answers to overcome the inner and outer obstacles in life. Instead, you can align with your innate intuition and vibrant guidance system to reconnect with your authentic confidence and create your dreams with the powerful foundation of grace. The only key action you need to take is aligned inspired action so you can connect with the wealth spring of sovereignty and vibrancy that is already within you, waiting to be confidently expressed.

Today, I am focused on helping entrepreneurs, visionaries and soul-driven CEOs to discover their innate grace so they can align with their authentic confidence with ease, and create an enchanting life, body and soul-driven business they love.

It's all about building your inner house on solid ground so you can liberate your authentic confidence and power through a foundation of self-love and grace that feels nourishing and grounded.

Leading a vibrant life, body and business that feels inspiring is possible, even if you feel far from the person you feel you were born to be. No matter how big the challenges seem, solutions are available and you can flip the script from where you are now and begin to claim your vibrant process... And that's what I'm here to help you reclaim- the 'you' that is ready to align and shine confidently in each arena of your life.


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Get Sian's #1 Best-selling book Silk On Ice: The Process of Growing into today! Through these pages you'll learn how to weave a kingdom of grace from the healing art of self-love through poety, prose and illustrations.

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Discover the only speaker with The Vibrant Living Way Method seven step process to educate your audience on how to confidently express unlimited power with humility and grace.

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